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Specializing in life coaching for teens and millennials


Teens and young adults come to Meredith for coaching because of her unique approach.

Meredith has been working in mental health for over 15 years. She has a background in Psyciatric medical assisting, neurological studies, and is currently working toward an MFT license. With this unique background Meredith’s coaching approaches coaching from a neurological direction focusing on techniques that support the those with mental illnesses or neuro-nontraditional brains. Where other coaching or therapy has failed, Meredith’s techniques have thrived. Turn the volume in your life up to 11 and succeed today.  


  • Education Coaching

    Education Coaching

    Those with neuro-nontraditional brains may have a harder time learning in today’s structured environment. Meredith can help with custom study techniques, college prep, school or area of study selection, time management, and more. This service can be catered to those with ADHD, ODD, borderline personality disorder and more. 

  • Helping You Launch

    Helping You Launch

    High school and college do not always prepare you for the world a head. If you are struggling to find your purpose, move out, or achieve any life goals, this coaching path is for you. This is an all-encompassing path to lead you to a better life.  

  • Financial Coaching

    Financial Coaching

    Who knew paying bills was so hard? In today’s world where there is so much to manage as far as finances go, Meredith is here to help. This may include budgeting, saving up for goals, financial planning and more. 

  • Job Coaching

    Job Coaching

    Having trouble finding a job that utilizes your special skills or is adaptable to your disability? Meredith would love to sit down with you and help you find a career that is fulfilling. Services include resume building, mock interviews, job application help, and more. Together we can find a job that rocks.  

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